About Best Spores

Best Spores started in 2015 as a Mushrooms spores delivery company in  Denver, Colorado, USA . We made sure our clients had the best Spores products they needed and which was legal to carry at any given time.

Best Spores  became a Full Spores store in 2017 supplying Mushroom Spores and Spores Syringes to all legal states in the USA. Our Store is located in Col, USA. When our clients visit our store they always want to check all the Spores products they can possibly buy from us. 

Best Spores is here to make sure that Magic Mushroom Spores and Spores products are readily available for consumers without any restrictions. 


All transactions on our website is very secure and all data is encrypted and protected. we are believers of data integrity .

Shipping policy

We make sure that all products are shipped and marked delivered within 1-5 days of departure else customers are entitled to a refund.

Refund policy

All our customers who ordered within a thirty day period and are unsatisfied with their products are free to apply for a refund within a 30 day period.


Spores is here to provide you with the best , affordable, Magic Mushroom Spores and Spores products including:

and many others

Feel free to order if you are in 

New York , California, Louisiana, Mary land, Tennessee, Texas, Oregon, Virginia and all states within the USA and you shall be best served.